First Monday Motivation!

Without #Motivation our lives would be consistently dull. Throughout the years I have personally discovered that self motivation is rare unless ignited within myself on a regular basis. I use to believe that motivation was a flow of achievable tasks with the burning desire to complete each one with integrity and diligence. But I quickly realized that motivation is a characteristic that is detrimental to our overall stability when considering successful motives.

So how do we ultimately overcome the all so common lethargic outer effect that hinders our inner man's burning motivation to succeed? It starts with us.

Everyone that is living and breathing on this planet has within themselves the characteristic of motivation. Now motivation is also discovered of more than a characteristic but an attribute in a call-to-action scenario. Which is very true. But our main focus in this article is to discover how to FUEL the characteristic so that it overflows to a contributing action.

  1. Stop considering yourself unworthy of success.

  2. There are so many times during our journey in life, or our career path that we have either experienced or witnessed failure. Now failure used in this context is not an individual but more of a failed result of a motivated desire to achieve. You are WORTHY of success REGARDLESS of your failures. Your failures are simply learning seasons designed to help you ultimately reconstruct your strategic approach to an accomplishment. It was not designed as a punishment.

  3. Take time to discover what fuels your inner man to motivate.

  4. When paying attention to what DOES and DOES NOT motivate you on a daily basis, you being to discover a foundational value of consistency in what helps fuel your inner man's motivation. When you allow this to be discovered, your motivation skyrockets on a daily basis because now you know what to avoid and what to take in for motivation's sake.

  5. Protect your motivation from successful attention seekers.

  6. Believe it or not, there are so many successful individuals with the greedy attribute to steal your motivation. It is nasty, I know! These unkind, scary and manipulative individuals can put bricks in front of you to trip you up and change your thought process to a negative reflection on motivation. Steering clear of these individuals PROTECTS the motivation that your inner man desires.

NOW, I hope that you have taken some notes. For more on Monday motivation, make sure you're subscribed to Van D Creations' newsletter!

Happy creating :)

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