Monday Gone Wrong

Our society has all too often put a negative connotation on the day Monday. But why? Is it because we struggle to get fired back up? Maybe our weekend was so full of excitement we didn't have time to rest. Whatever the reason may be, you can be guaranteed an effective solution!

Here it is, 8:09. You're running late to work, haven't brushed your teeth, no coffee made and barely slipping on your shoes while getting your car warmed up. Just wishing for a few moments that you can crawl back into bed with the intention to just start over tomorrow. In this blog you will discover the three tips that will help with the "Monday Gone Wrong" syndrome!

Although cake makes so many things better on a Monday, these three tips will get your Monday in order, as if nothing went wrong to begin with!

  1. Shifting your mindset.

  2. Of course a majority of us has been expressed the importance of a positive or atmosphere altering mindset. But how do you actually do it? Some of us are geared by a flow of music. Others, a voice or favorite podcast. And some of us complete silence. You have a choice to immediately decide how your day is going to go by the mindset you have decided to affect your day. Once that chosen mindset has began to flow, it is very difficult to shift into another.

  3. Structuring your agenda.

  4. The overall daily build of your structured agenda, if applied, will determine your ability to overcome distracting obstacles. Start your day with number one. Then number two, and so on. Taking it one step at a time will help to set the motive to alter your Monday madness.

  5. Avoiding Monday's bad rep.

  6. For too long Monday has received the worst rep ever. From being annoyed to absolutely disgusted. In return, begin to think of Monday as your #fresh start. No longer worrying about last week instead you are now indulged in your weekly #newbeginning.

These simple tips will help you with starting your Monday with an effective result every week. Of course not all Mondays are bad. But most can be considered not enjoyable.

That ends now!

Happy creating!

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